Activities Details

This Directorate is rendering the following essential Services to the Government as well as Public.

  1. Prints huge and voluminous jobs of statutory, obligatory and non-obligatory nature timebound jobs like Gazette, Budget document both annual and supplementary, Plan/Non-Plan documents Volume I and II, A. G. Reports (Appropriation Accounts, Finance Accounts, Civil, Revenue, Commercial and C. A. G. Reports),different Bills of O. L. A., O. L. A. debates, Activities and Annual Reports. Judicial and Pay-Commission Report, Government Diary, Calendar, Indian Law report, Statutory Rules of Law Department, P. A. C. Reports, Pads, Envelopes of Hon’ble Chief Minister, Ministers, M. L. As. and His Excellency, Governor and supply to the Departments in time. The details description pertainning to various Departments to govt. are annexed at A-1.
  2. Forms Unit caters 4,800 varieties of standard forms under 42 schedules to the needs of about 6,500 Indenting Officers of the State.
  3. In pursuance of the decision taken by the Government the Directorate of Printing, Stationery and Publication, Cuttack has set up Orissa Gazette Publication Cell to publish notifications /Orders / Resolutions/Press notes etc. through Government website i.e. ( This Cell has been fully made operational from Dec. 2004 and has been rendering G2G(Govt. to Govt.), G2C(Govt. to Citizens), G2B(Govt. to Bodies) services as well as cater their needs uninterruptedly.
  4. The Publication Unit publish 40,000 Numbers of Government Diaries, 3,00,000 small calendars, 1,00,000 sheet calendars, 3,000 mount calendars and distributes to the public as well as Government timely every year.
  5. Approx. 7,000 Numbers of Gazettes are published and distributed to Government and Public.
  6. The School of Printing and Allied Trades imparts Training to 156 numbers of apprentices under Printing and Engineering Trade Groups.
  7. The Press also executes thousands of varieties of non-obligatory and statutory obligatory nature of works of different Government Departments timely every year.

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